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M3 Wealth

M3 Wealth


About Us

M3 Wealth is a Financial Services Company headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We focus on helping our clients to Map a sustainable course to financial self-reliance, Measure the impact of daily financial decisions, and to Mentor proven financial principles! We teach and reinforce these financial principles in many different ways!

Financial Wellness for Companies and their employees:
The Moneywise financial system offers a debt elimination tool, a Financial Education Center, access to experienced financial professionals, and monthly financial reminders promoting ‘financial wellness.” Moneywise helps employees and managers to overcome common financial challenges and the weaknesses of human behavior!

Most Employees are:
Overburdened by debt, living paycheck to paycheck, unsure about the future, lack financial resources, and don't have the resources or the financial means to obtain financial advice!

Most Employers are;
Fulfilling their role as a financial fiduciary without the proper support, trying to make employees happy with corporate benefits and a 401K or retirement plan, spending time with salary advances and discussing raises, trying to make their employees happy and hoping they are satisfied and content.

However, 33% of all employees are unhappy, 83% of HR managers say finances have a major impact on their employees productivity, 63% of employees are looking for a job, and 46% of these employees have less then $10,000 saved for retirement.

Moneywise helps you manage your finances and provides the tools and resources to move forward confidently.



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