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Grants by Sandy LLC

Grants by Sandy LLC


About Us

Grants by Sandy is owned and operated by a Certified Nonprofit Consultant. With a passion for ''Starting Your Own Nonprofit'', State & IRS Tax Filings, Health Checks to ensure compliance, Annual Reports, to Complete Grant Funding Searches. Grants by Sandy has mastered the art of becoming ''Exclusive''? in the Nonprofit field.
Over the course of 10+ years, Sandy Frew has closely listened to the needs of the hundreds of organizations that have crossed our path. At Grants by Sandy, we strongly believe that ''Trust is earned & not given''?, so instead of sending our clients to different businesses who offer what they need, we've become the ONLY business that they will need.
Sandy Frew started with Fundraising, learning the skill of writing Corporate Request Letters that requested food and other donations, submitting them to local businesses, and then driving to pick up the countless donations that flooded the nonprofits that she worked for.
If there was something that we did not know, we learned. If there was a service we did not offer, we added it. Now, we have clients spread out in different states within the United States.
We have helped dozens & dozens of our clients reach their goals. Grants by Sandy is the passion and ministry of Sandy Frew. Divine purpose, integrity, and trust is what our clients love most about Grants by Sandy and that is the core of Sandy Frew.


Grants by Sandy is "Your Exclusive Nonprofit Expert & Business Solutions Partner!"
Let us teach you the "Who, What, Where, When, Why & How's" of your Nonprofit!
Attention to detail is how every project is addressed, we are a family owned & operated business!
Consulting is our Expertise! Visit our website to learn about the many services we offer!
Exclusive Grant Writing Assistance Packages are Available!
Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring & Citizenship
We love Nonprofits!
Consulting is our Expertise! Visit our website to learn about the many services we offer!

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